A Naked San Antonio Man Has A Pretty Sweet Keyboard For Sale On Craigslist

I suppose if you’re going to sell a radical musical instrument, you need to let any potential buyers know just how much it lets you rock. And nothing says rock n’ roll like posing naked with a Nord Lead keyboard like this San Antonio gentleman did for his May 15 Craigslist ad.

Whether or not you think it’s worth $400 – “fully expanded /w 12 voices and ram card” – is between you and your wallet, but I can tell you that for $10 or so, a bottle of Purell and some Lysol sanitary wipes would be the bargain of the year as the must-have accessories.

As for me, I’m still holding out for the perfect bargain on a keytar. Preferably one that’s been held by Kate Upton. It would look something like this…

So, you know, let me know if you find one of those anywhere.

(H/T to Happy Place, Kate Upton via Anton Oparin /