Nancy Grace Is A Human Caricature Almost Beyond Parody, But That Won’t Stop The Internet From Trying

Nancy Grace is the worst. No one denies this. In fact, whenever I hear some horrible story about a child dying in a fire I always think, “Why couldn’t that have been Nancy Grace?” And that was before all of this Casey Anthony nonsense. The woman has defied the odds to turn a girl who probably murdered her toddler so she could party and get laid into a sympathetic character. That’s some world class awfulness, right there. WORLD. CLASS.
So it should come as no surprise that the Internet has been viciously lashing out at Nancy Grace — and it’s been so fun to watch, therapeutic even — but the problem with this is that Nancy Grace is such a clownish cartoon of human being that she almost defies parody.
For instance, earlier today our friends at Funny or Die released a parody of Grace’s reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict, and it is funny. Very funny, in fact. But it’s almost not as funny as Grace’s actual over-the-top, batsh*t reactions have been. She’s like a TV news character from Idiocracy, minus being endearing in any possible way. Maybe if she actually, I don’t know, took up the cause of someone who was wrongly convicted, or passionately pursued the murderer of a person of color, for once, she be a smidgeon more likeable. But that’ll never happen. And if you have a minute, read the “prosecutorial misconduct” section from her Wikipedia page. We should all be thankful this buffoonish legal tyrant doesn’t still have the power to try to send people to prison.
Anyway, here’s the aforementioned Funny of Die parody, and after the jump are a few bits of the Internet’s Nancy Grace mockery — along with a couple of Casey Anthony-related gags — that have made me LOL. Enjoy…

Via Matt at Warming Glow, the likeness is striking, isn’t it?