Former ‘National Enquirer’ Publisher David Pecker Testified Again About Trump’s Hush Money Scandal

The grand jury hearing evidence in the Donald Trump hush money scandal reconvened on Monday with a surprising — and potentially damning — witness: former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker.

If Pecker’s name sounds familiar (beyond the most obvious jokes that come to mind), that’s probably because he made a lot of headlines back in 2016, just ahead of the election — and in the midst of President P***y Grab’s November surprise. It was Pecker who reportedly bought the rights to a number of stories surrounding Trump’s sexual shenanigans, then sat on them. And on Monday, it was Pecker who was apparently divulging what he knows about Trump’s involvement with Stormy Daniels to the grand jury investigating the former — and wannabe future — president.

As the Daily Mail reports, Pecker was photographed leaving the court on Monday, after meeting with the grand jury. While the former publisher’s testimony, if any, is not yet known, Pecker was linked to the hush money case by Trump’s attorney-turned-enemy Michael Cohen.

Cohen testified that it was he who recommended Trump attempt to buy the rights to Daniels’ story from the former adult star, in order to make sure it didn’t leak. They approached Pecker about making a deal, but the publisher declined — which was odd, given that he had purchased such stories in the past in order to help out Trump.

On March 18, Trump went on a social media rant in which he claimed that he would be arrested regarding his involvement in this hush money payment scandal the following week. Much of America — and the world — has been on #IndictmentWatch ever since. According to Daily Mail:

[Trump] has since used the absence of an indictment or arrest to claim that the investigation is somehow faltering.

Meanwhile, sources have told that Bragg is having trouble convincing the grand jury to indict, with one court source saying he has a ‘weak’ case.

(Via Daily Mail)