Trump Spent The Night He Thought He Was Going To Be Arrested Playing His Favorite Showtunes

Donald Trump was pretty sure he was going to be arrested on Tuesday. He said so on Truth Social: “The far & away leading Republican candidate & former President of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday of [this] week. Protest, take our nation back!” Spoiler: he was not arrested on Tuesday (there’s always today!). To celebrate, Trump spent the night listening to his favorite music at Mar-a-Lago and doing the weird dance that he always does.

Trump was “surrounded by supporters, fist-pumping, and giving the thumbs-up” at his Florida compound on Tuesday, a source told Page Six. “He had a political dinner with five pals without Melania… The Donald was deep in serious conversation with what looked like political advisers.”

The failed recording artist also “couldn’t stop smiling as he played ‘Maria’ from West Side Story, the theme from Phantom of the Opera, and a chorus of ‘Hallelujah’ that had people scratching their heads as to exactly what that meant.” Does he only listen to the same six songs on repeat? Those three, “Memories,” “YMCA,” and “Gloria”? Drop your Spotify Wrapped, Trump.

If Trump does get arrested, he wants the whole world to see it.

We were even told that team Trump is planning to “try and film and document it with their own camera crew, they want a shot of him in cuffs and will release the mugshot. They are loving this stuff.”

The footage will be soundtracked to, you guessed it, “YMCA.”

(Via Page Six)