Stormy Daniels Is Having Fun Taunting MAGA Trolls As A Possible Trump Indictment Looms

Donald Trump diehards have a bizarre habit of concocting — and believing — the most implausible scenarios if it means protecting the long-sullied reputation of their hero. As the world waits to see whether the former president’s statement that he will be indicted today does indeed come true, some MAGAs are busy pushing a ridiculous new conspiracy theory: that former adult film star Stormy Daniels accepted that now-infamous $130,000 from Trump… in order to frame him?

On Tuesday morning, Newsweek reports, Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — stirred the MAGA pot when she tweeted about the weather and asked if anything exciting was happening today:

While the tweet quickly amassed more than 25,000 likes (and counting), it also triggered some of Trump’s biggest supporters — who may or may not be bots — to pledge their undying support to their p***y-grabbing president. But Daniels was ready for them:

While it was Trump himself who stated that today would be Indictment Day in the life of the former — and wannabe future — POTUS, Newsweek reports that the grand jury is reportedly not set to vote on an indictment until Wednesday. Until whatever happens, expect to see Stormy Daniels and #IndictmentWatch trending on your Twitter timeline.

(Via Newsweek)