Nerdcore Rapper Adam Warrock Targets Firefly With The Browncoats Mixtape

Former attorney turned MC Adam Warrock has been making waves the past year and a half with a prodigious amount of nerdcore rap including “The West Coast Avengers Mixtape” (free here), “The War for Infinity,” the “Oni Press Mixtape” (free here) and “The New Warriors Mixtape” as well as a host of singles about “Doctor Who,” Ira Glass and other nerd favorites . His rhymes are far sharper than it would seem like nerd-themed raps could be.

Earlier this week Warrock and collaborator kHill of The Thought Criminals released their teaser trailer for a “Firefly” themed rap album due out this fall. The teaser, which samples from the “Firefly” and “Serenity” theme music, sounds absolutely awesome. Check out the first taste of the Browncoat Mixtape after the jump or check out his site for tons of free tracks and albums available for purchase. I highly recommend “The War for Infinity,” a super power charged, rap battle concept album.