Netflix’s Next Batch Of Standup Specials Includes Bill Cosby And Chelsea Handler

In an ongoing effort to strengthen its already-decent selection of standup comedy specials, featuring everything from Louis C.K.’s “Hilarious” to the not-nearly-as-hilarious “Soy Sauce and the Holocaust” from Rob Schneider, Netflix has announced its newest original standup specials, and the online streaming giant is bringing out some of the biggest names in the business. Netflix has already previously produced standup specials including Mike Birbiglia’s “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” and Aziz Ansari’s “Buried Alive,” and now they’ll be joined by a pair of Bills and Chelseas.

On October 10, future Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler kicks off the fun with her special, “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live,” in which she will be “using personal photos to enrich her stories and comedy,” according to Netflix (via The Verge), while also sharing “absurd tales of her global travels and the ridiculous characters in her life, all the while offering her signature unabashed opinions on subjects ranging from her expectations of sexual partners, to the very real problem of dolphin rape.” And I bet there will be plenty of shots at her former employer, the E! Network, possibly in connection with the aforementioned dolphin rape, because Handler is nothing if not oh-so-edgy.

On November 14, Netflix will debut a new one-hour special from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Chelsea Peretti, and Bill Cosby will make our Thanksgiving weekend a little brighter with his new special, “Bill Cosby 77,” which will be available starting on November 28. Bill Burr, whose “You People are All the Same” special was a Netflix exclusive in 2012, will release his latest special on December 5 to close out the fun. Better luck next year, White Bernie Mac.