New Green Lantern Trailer Focuses On The Lantern Corps

Dude . . . behind you.

Warner Brothers released a new, two and a half minute trailer for Green Lantern (in theaters and torrents by June 17th).  They’re calling it a “3D” trailer but none of us here could see it in 3D even after putting on the glasses, standing on our heads, and dropping acid. For science.

This trailer is different in tone to the previous ones. Ryan Reynolds doesn’t even appear in this one until nearly a minute and a half into it.  Before that, it’s all Geoffrey Rush talking about The Guardians, Oa, Parallax, and the Green Lantern Corps in his mellifluous voice.  Man, I want Geoffrey Rush to follow me around and narrate everything I do.  Even the naked stuff. (Especially the naked stuff.)

Available in HD at Yahoo.  [Hat tip: AffenheimTheater]