New ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Gag Reel Is Patrick Stewart Levels Of Awesomeness

I’m not sure who’s in charge of these kind of things, but if there’s a 27-armed virgin mutant out there that makes GIFs for the rest of us to enjoy, please watch the newly released Star Trek: The Next Generation season two blooper reel, and make ALL the GIFs of “Data on Acid” and Patrick Stewart shimmying and shaking and acting more like a frisky schoolgirl than an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Other highlights:

1. Worf smacking everyone.

2. Data telling a joke about a “girl in the nudist colony.”

3. Worf swearing after messing up his lines.

4. Episode directors getting pissed at the actors for wasting film.

5. Worf singing.

Basically, Worf is gag reel gold. Wesley’s still awful, though.