NOPE: Newly Discovered Species Of Vampire Crabs Might Already Live In Your Home

Get ready for a new crustacean to take over your nightmares: Two new species of crabs have been discovered in Java, Indonesia, and they’re being nicknamed vampire crabs. They don’t suck blood, they just have bright yellow eyes and either orange or purple claws. They’re also tiny, so if they try to murder you in your sleep, it’ll take a good, long time.

Officially named Geosesarma dennerle (the purple one) and Geosesarma hagen (the orange one), these particular crabs have been sold as pets around the world for years, which means that idiots across the globe have been inviting vampire crabs into their homes for years. No one knew exactly where they came from, but after ruling out the sandy beaches and lush greenery of Transylvania, a research team led by Peter Ng of National University of Singapore discovered the crabs in Java. They are said to mainly feed on insects, but don’t rule out a secret diet of human blood and souls.

Maybe this is all a little mean. Maybe they were just born this way, and it’s wrong to assume that all Geosesarma are devil-borne spirit suckers. But those eyes. So help me God, they have yellow eyes…

Via IFL Science