New Video And Photos Of The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Have Surfaced

It’s been four months since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down while flying over Eastern Ukraine. While teams have finally started collecting scattered debris and continue sifting through the wreckage, new video has surfaced allegedly revealing what it was like moments after the plane crashed in rebel-held territory. A home video obtained by the Associated Press reportedly shows residents of the small village of Hrabove reacting to the wreckage just minutes after the plane was shot down, questioning the whereabouts of the pilots and whether more than one plane was involved in the crash.

This comes after Russian state television released a photo yesterday that it claims proves a Ukrainian fighter jet was responsible for the downing of flight MH17.

Russia has been under fire after Ukrainian government alleged that it was ground rockets fired by Russian-back separatists that ultimately took down the commercial flight. The photo, which Russia’s Channel One says came via email from a self-identified aviation expert, has been blasted on the internet and dismissed by the US State Department as a fake. One Russian author and engineer blogged that the aircraft looked disproportionate to the landscape while others noticed that the plane in the photo looks to be a Boeing 767 (Flight MH17 was a Boeing 777).

(Via The Associated Press/ABC News/CBS News)