Newsmax Featured Both Ben Shapiro And The Late Herman Cain On A List Of Black Conservatives

The Trump obsessives at Newsmax, like One America News Network, helped push Fox News even more rightward than they were. But the news station is still a rinky-dink affair. Among their weirder offenders is Greg Kelly, the son of former NYC police commissioner Raymond Kelly. A local news reporter who reinvented himself as a far right stooge, he’s had his share of strange controversies. But none are perhaps weirder than what happened on Wednesday.

Kelly, who last year came under fire for a racially charged tweet, devoted a fiery segment railing against claims of systemic racism in America. His argument was that a lot of the people railing against racial inequality in America now graduated high school and have jobs. Pretty air tight logic.

He soon moved onto how, as he put it, Black conservatives are considered by the left to be “traitors.” “They’re out there, but they’re shunned because, boy oh boy, what they have to say,” Kelly said.

He then aired a graphic showing four Black conservatives allegedly demonized by liberals. One of them was Milwaukee sheriff and noted Trumpist David Clarke. Another was Trump staff member Ben Carson. The other two were a bit strange. One was Herman Cain, who died in 2020 from COVID, not long after attending a Trump rally, photographed maskless. The other was…Ben Shapiro.

The Daily Wire honcho and frequent social media punching bag is, needless to say, not Black. It’s not clear how he wound up in a modest graphic meant to illustrate alleged liberal animosity to Black conservatives. But Kelly tried to power ahead through the error.

“And the late Herman Cain and, of course, Ben Shapiro, not Black but one of the heroes of the movement,” Kelly said, nervously fumbling. “This really disrupts the narrative and that’s why they are marginalized. They shouldn’t be. They should be celebrated and listened to, right?”

It’s the rare case where Shapiro isn’t to blame for his own humiliation. Speaking of which…

(Via The Daily Beast)