‘Bozo’ Ben Shapiro Visited A College Campus To Talk About Gender And Wound Up Getting Questioned About His Ability To Please His Wife

Conservative anger-king Ben Shapiro is trending on Twitter again, this time for being owned by a college student during a speech about gender identity.

Shapiro, who can’t seem to stop visiting college campuses and getting into it with undergrads, gave a talk at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, where he attempted to argue that gender is a fixed state. Now, it’s pretty bold of him (a man who kind-of admitted that his wife doesn’t visibly get aroused) to pose as an expert on a topic as complex and controversial as gender identity, so obviously, a student in the crowd called him out on his lack of credentials.

The student, who claimed to be a mathematician and physicist, first argued that Shapiro’s terminology was outdated. He referenced the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders before stating, “Most of what you’re saying is based on, like, old data. ‘Gender identity disorder,’ that’s a DSM4, bro. We use the DSM 5 now for psychologists.”

Shapiro, for his part, tried to argue that the term he used was actually “gender dysphoria,” but he seemed to be missing the bigger point which is that you should never engage in a battle of words with someone younger than you. It just never ends well. And it didn’t for poor Ben.

“You sound like a bozo, bro,” the student lobbed back as Shapiro continued to try to argue. “And you get no p***y and can’t even make your wife wet, bro, so what’s good?”

In case you forgot, that last dig is a direct reference to Shapiro’s own self-own, sparked from the controversy he ignited with his spoken-word rendition of Cardi B. ft Megan Thee Stallion’s raunch single, “W.A.P.”

After backlash to his initial tweet, Shapiro claimed to be “concerned” for women who needed a “bucket and a mop” for their genitals because his “doctor wife” told him she never got that wet.

Now, did the student do enough to publicly humiliate Shaprio? Yes, but if you’d like to laugh at him a bit more, here are some digs on the timeline that accurately sum up what’s going on:

(Via Mediaite)