Nic Cage’s Action Comics #1 Found In a Storage Locker?

About eleven years ago, a bunch of vintage comics were stolen from Nicolas Cage’s home, likely by BEEEEEEEEES! OK, probably a thief. Normally it’d just be a minor note of weirdness in the rolling cyclone of weirdness that is everybody’s favorite half-skullet wielder, but among the comics was an issue of Action #1, which is a pretty important piece of American history.

So, that’s sad. What’s happy is that recently the comics, including Action #1, were stumbled across in a storage locker in Simi Valley.

Since it’s Nic Cage, and weirdness surrounds him, it’s turned into a peeing match between the LAPD Art Theft unit and the guy who found the comic in the first place. Oh, and the discovery was filmed by A&E for Storage Wars. Cage’s filmed reaction on the next page.

Eventually, this will stop being funny to me. Possibly around 2016.

[ via the collectors at Ventura County Star ]