Nigel Thornberry Remixed With Disney Princesses Is Wildly And Inexplicably Popular

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I checked into Tumblr between martinis over the weekend and noticed graphic artist Miryuu Chan’s Beauty and the Beast meets Nigel Thornberry GIF (above) was well over 20K+ notes and counting. My initial reaction: “I don’t get it.” I then came to the conclusion that there is some sort of collective nostalgia for Nigel Thornberry that I’m too old to understand or that I just simply missed out on.

Fast forward four days later and we’ve reached the point where I feel like I need to cover the GIFSPLOSION that is occurring even though I’m only vaguely familiar with Nickelodeon’s Wild Thornberrys. All I can tell you is Nigel was/is voiced by the magnificent Tim Curry and can be magically mashed up with Katy Perry songs.

So purely for the sake of anthropological documentation I’ve gathered all the masterfully done Nigel x Disney GIFs I’ve seen along with a handful of pop culturally relevant ones that I feel needed sharing. Doing so has in no way helped with me getting it. I’m Ben Wyatt and Nigel Thornberry is my Lil Sebastian.

Note: It’s a virtual impossibility to properly credit the makers of these due to Tumblr’s horrific sourcing practices.

Sources: #Nigel+Thornberry & Know Your Meme.

And now for a few that did kind of do it for me…

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