Nintendo Direct Roundup: New Kirby, No Donkey Kong In 2013 And A Shake-up For Zelda

Nintendo put out another Nintendo Direct this morning chock-full of news on games coming out in 2013 and early-2014 (and one game that was supposed to come out in 2013, but is now coming out early-2014). Hit the jump for all sorts of new Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Zelda, Smash Bros., Pikmin and Donkey Kong news…

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Here’s the full presentation if you have half-an-hour to spare…

First, a few random tidbits.

– A major new Wii U system update is now available. It adds off-screen play for Wii games and a number of other tweaks. No additional reduction in loading times though.

– New DLC for Pikmin 3! For two bucks you get four new Mission Mode missions. Also, there’s a new Pikmin 3 update that improves the game’s leaderboards and provides another, free, Mission Mode mission.

Donkey Kong Returns: Tropical Freeze has been delayed from December until February 2014, because come on, it wouldn’t be the holidays without Nintendo delays! Also, hopefully they can use the extra time to come up with a better title for the game.

Hit the second page for some more info and some trailers…

Super Mario 3D World is looking much better than it was at E3. Better graphics, more interesting looking levels and tons of new power-ups like a cherry that will duplicate your character, one that turns you into a goomba and a Kuribo’s…skate? Also, some storyline clarification — people were wondering what your goal would be since the Princess is playable in the game and so can’t be kidnapped. Well, it looks like the game is going to have a new, strange, plant-like princess. The game also seems to have a cartoonier than usual sense of humor and aesthetic.

Anyways, enough yapping, check out the trailer…

– Nintendo seems to be really doubling down on trying to prove GamePad’s worth with Wii Party U. Even if party games aren’t your thing, some of the stuff this game is doing certainly looks interesting at least.

– Sonic is in Smash Bros. again. Also, Sonic Lost World still looks good.

– The 3DS A Link to the Past sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, will be mixing up the Zelda formula a bit. There’s a store in the game where you can rent all the game’s important items, allowing you to tackle the game’s dungeons in whatever order you want.

– New trailer for 3DS RPG Bravely Default. If you’ve been yearning for an old-school Final Fantasy experience, this is the game for you…

– Finally, there’s a new Kirby game on the way! Hooray!

What do the Nintendo fans out there think? Has Nintendo peaked your interest with some of these new details?