‘No Choice’ Frozen Meals Are The Perfect Way To Define Your Pitiful Existence

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07.28.14 8 Comments

The world of frozen “TV” dinners is one of poor food choices disguised as wild culinary adventures you can bring to life via your microwave. If you buy that PF Chang’s bag of restaurant quality cuisine, it’s basically as if a chef has entered your home on a Wednesday night and decided to cook you a top notch meal.

The reality is that you’re eating slop, possibly the same slop they feed you at Olive Garden or Chang’s, but just more poorly executed by your lazy ass. And that’s if you can afford that. Some idiots, like me, choose the lesser route of your Banquet style dinners or even the store brand.

That’s where No Choice brand dinners are going to come into play. No bold-faced lies about health and quality here, instead there’s brutal honesty and reality to go along with your meaningless life. You’re just eating it until you decide to do something to change it, possibly a dramatic rebirth of your spirit.

The only thing that’s missing from this parody is the cheap booze. If you’re eating mystery “meat” and you’re living alone, you’re probably drinking too. That’s really keeping it from being a great video.

(Via World Wide Interweb)

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