Oh Hey, It’s That Deleted $10 Million Opening From Superman Returns

Look, I realize that not a whole lot of people really enjoyed Brian Singer’s 2006 Superman Returns, however I thought the subtext that even the Man of Steel can get crushed by a woman was effing great. Anyway, here’s something I never knew existed:stripper twins Singer’s original $10 million opening sequence for the film that never made it to theaters. Why didn’t it make the final cut? Well, apparently Warner Bros. didn’t think that five minutes worth of Kal-El mobbing around Krypton, listening to Phil Collins in a crystal Cadillac was a great way to start the flick. But Warner Bros. are the same people who distributed Battlefield Earth, so screw them.

Anyway, you can catch the deleted opening sequence on the new Superman Anthology Blu-Ray or better yet, you can spend that cash at the arcade and just watch the clip for free, after the jump.

Superman’s Boom-bastic Krypton Cruise:

[via CHUD]