Olivia Wilde Knows That The Honey Badger Don’t Care

It’s always sort of gratifying when celebs loved by the Internet show themselves to be potentially just as geeky as the denizens of the web who shower them with adoration, especially the hot ones like Olivia Wilde.

Yes, the actress was photographed by paparazzi going to an LA-area gym yesterday wearing a “Honey Badger Don’t Care” t-shirt. Swoon. And, naturally, she looks sexy as hell in it, because Olivia Wilde can make smoking even look sexy.

In the off chance you need a reminder of why the honey badger is worthy of t-shirt, see below. It’s still, and always will be, funny as hell.

Oh, and Rahm Emanuel is the new honey badger, apparently…

Again, SWOON!

(HT: Buzzfeed)