Michael Clarke Duncan’s Family And Close Friends Accuse Omarosa Of Faking Her Engagement To The Late Actor

09.10.18 12 months ago

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It’s hardly a secret that Omarosa Manigault Newman is a woman of dubious morality, from her various stints at Apprentice villainy to following her TV boss to Washington D.C. and subsequently profiting off of that time in White House with her tell-all book. But even with all things considered, a new story published by the Daily Beast involving Omarosa’s alleged former fiancee, the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan, is pretty wild.

Ironically, it was her book, Unhinged, that dredged up the allegations. In the chapter “Shattered,” Omarosa writes about her relationship with Duncan, who she claims proposed to her in secret months before the heart attack that eventually led to his untimely death.

Duncan’s close friends and family, however, are skeptical that Duncan and Omarosa were even in a committed, monogamous relationship prior to his passing — much less engaged to one another — and that the reality TV star exploited the actor into changing his will and leaving nearly everything to her in his final days when he was not of sound mind:

Michael Clarke Duncan’s niece took careful note of all the red flags at the hospital. They quickly piled up. She said that Omarosa repeatedly brought up Michael Clarke Duncan’s will “when he was sitting there in a coma.” Additionally, she claims the Apprentice star wouldn’t let Duncan’s family stay in his house: “We were told that the house was locked up and nobody was allowed to go in. They sent me way out to a hotel by the airport, with no one to take me back and forth. So I was taking three buses to get back and forth to the hospital.”

“Why would you bring his family here in town and then not properly look after them?” She wondered. “It was just a lot of little weird things like that.”

“We couldn’t get out to the house, you asked for his sperm while he was in a coma, you talked about his will while he was in a coma,” Duncan’s niece listed off. “But we’re the ones that are trying to get you?”

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