One More Reason to Be Excited for Prometheus — It's Finally Confirmed to be R-Rated

Time to breathe a sigh of relief fans of people going splatter in outer space — it’s finally confirmed that Prometheus will be R-rated. Ridley Scott filmed both a PG-13 and R version of the movie, and for months Scott and FOX have been vague about which version we were going to get to see in theatres, but with the release of the movie only a month away, it seems as though the decision to go with the R cut has finally, thankfully, been made.

According to FOX the R-rating comes as a result of “sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language.” So no, sadly no Charlize or Noomi boobs, or Fasspenis. Come on guys, if you’re going R anyways, take advantage of it.

Before I end this story, a note to all you teenagers out there — grow your best high school beard, grab your fake ID and go see Prometheus. R-rated blockbusters can only succeed if the kids who are only supposed to be watching the PG-13 movies sneak in. Make us proud.

via The Film Stage