Here’s Footage Of Opie Of ‘Opie & Anthony’ Fame Smashing A Homeless Man’s Cake

Everything about this story is terrible and confusing. There’s a video on Reddit currently go viral under the headline of, “This guy’s an asshole.” The asshole in question? For once, it’s not THE GOVERNMENT; rather, it’s The Opie & Anthony Show‘s Gregg “Opie” Hughes, who in 2007, filmed a bit where he smashed a homeless man’s cake. Yeah.

Here’s the full story, according to Hughes.

Andrew was our homeless friend that we’d talk to regularly live on the radio as we walked from Krock to our XM studio. Everyday he’d get a lot of money from the listeners that followed our walk over. On this day I noticed the stale cake that Starbucks had thrown out cause the expiration date expired. Andrew got the cake out of the garbage. I decided I was going to stomp on the cake mostly because I always liked to see Anthony and Jim Norton cringe and get uncomfortable. Of course I didn’t feel to good about myself afterwards.

For the record I gave Andrew $100 that day for the pleasure of stomping his cake and everyone else gave him at least another $100. Now you know the story. (Via)

At least we know dignity can be purchased for the low, low price of $100. Anyway, on Twitter, Hughes wrote, “Posted the 2007 Homeless Cake Stomp on my youtube channel and uninformed dummies are losing their minds,” the uninformed dummies being, of course, people who think stomping a homeless man’s cake isn’t funny.

What I don’t understand is why Hughes decided to re-upload the footage today, six years after the incident, except of course for the fact that he’s a massive, massive douche. (The victim’s distraught “that’s not nice” is devastating and makes Hughes seem like the world’s least sympathetic turdball, no matter how much money he gave the guy.) Also, if Andrew is his “friend,” then I’d hate to see the curb stomping Hughes gives to his enemy’s cronuts.

(Via Reddit)