First World Problems: Here's A Machine That Removes The Cream From Oreo Cookies

Physicist, copywriter, and artist David Neevel built an “Oreo Separator Machine” to remove the cream from Oreo cookies. He also has a glorious mustache and ’80s style eyeglasses. We’re sure you’ll be shocked to hear this happened in Portland.

Neevel says he’s been working on his machine for about “0.04 years” (two weeks). He built it in the cold, harsh environment of Portland’s Mad Dog Garage. He says, “I had to work some long hours. I didn’t get to see my girlfriend or my dog for hours at a time sometimes, and I had to try to find, like, a good sandwich in this part of the city and stuff. There were a lot of sacrifices, I guess.”

The process goes something like this: The Oreo is placed on a tray, flipped vertically and cleaved in half by a motorized, ridiculously over-engineered hatchet. Aluminum arms then receive the halves and transfer them to a Dremel-based CNC machine, which obliterates the cream and presents it to the user for consumption. [MAKE]

He made the machine to promote Nabisco’s Cookie vs. Cream contest. It should have been obvious this was sponsored, considering he’s getting rid of the cream. No one would do something that sacrilegious without monetary compensation. We’d eat all of our Oreos like this if we had time:

The machine starts running at 3:27, but the banter before it is amusing as well.