Sure, Give That Robot A Knife: Three More Oreo Separator Machines

Gotta practice my stabbin’.

Last month we were introduced to an “Oreo Separator Machine” built for Nabisco’s Cookie vs. Cream contest. Now more Oreo Separator Machines have been built, including HERB, the Home Exploring Robot Butler. Someone at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute thought it would be a good idea to give the robot a knife. So now we know how Roberto from Futurama came to be. Thanks a lot, Carnegie Mellon.

We’ve included two videos of HERB’s repurposing as an Oreo Separator Machine below. We’ll also catch up with two more of these cookie-based Rube Goldberg tributes. The third video is a shoddily-constructed “cookie wheel” from conceptual art collective Dentaku. Never send conceptual artists to build a machine, unless it’s supposed to be a Dadaist machine which destroys itself upon activation. (Sidenote: I’ve owned several PCs that qualify as Dadaist machines.)

The final video below is from Minnesotans Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup, toy makers who built a machine which blasts a hot load of white creamy goodness into your face. *rereads previous sentence* Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant to say.

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