Paul Rudd Explains Why Men Love Boobs

Prior to yesterday, I was not familiar with Rookie Mag, and that is a very good thing because it is a website for teenage girls, and I don’t need people thinking I’m a bigger perv than I already am. But then my Paul Rudd radar started going crazy and I had no choice but to check Rookie out to see why our favorite star of Wet Hot American Summer was posting videos there. Also, I totally learned how to bejewel my tights.

Rudd, as it turns out, was the subject of the feature “You Ask It.” This month’s topic was “Ask a Grown Man” and Anna from Santiago, Chile asked the very serious question: “Why WHY are boys so obsessed with boobs?” I would have asked Rudd to be my best friend, but I guess other people have different priorities. However, I must say that his answer was predictably fantastic.

“It’s a good question and I’m sure there’s some kind of biological explanation such as sustenance, and when we were babies, breast milk is what kept us alive. There’s also the thing of – we don’t have them. So they’re just interesting. Maybe it’s a combination of those two, and then a third, maybe because they’re just awesome.”

He’s right – breasts are just awesome. Ladies, flaunt them with pride, because Paul Rudd just gave your boobs his seal of approval.

Here’s the full video…

Ask a Grown Man With Paul Rudd from Rookie on Vimeo.