PAX East: Capcom Spins Some ‘DuckTales’ And Casts ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

Ducktales for the NES is one of those rare games, a genuinely good licensed game that’s fun to play even if you’ve got zero nostalgia for the license. And now, as a PAX East exclusive, Capcom has revealed that it’s coming back. And they’re bringing back two classic D&D brawlers into the bargain.

First, DuckTales, a classic platformer. The game is being completely remastered with hand-drawn sprites delivered courtesy of Disney and some of the show’s original animators and background artists. Most of the original voice cast will be returning to the game as well, for animated cutscenes that help fill in the story, and the original 8-bit music redone and remastered.

Capcom has it at their booth and frankly, it’s gorgeous. It plays just like the NES cart you remember but it looks like an episode of the show come to life. It’ll be available this summer on all platforms as a digital download for $15.

Meanwhile, Capcom has also bundled their Dungeons and Dragons coin-op games as Chronicles of Mystaria. Fans of these brawlers might remember that they were rich and elaborate for quarter-eaters, a sincere attempt to actually make a co-op role-playing game.

Capcom’s bringing them back with online and local co-op, drop-in and drop-out, adjustable house rules so you can make the game more challenging, and six classes of characters to use. There’s also the usual challenges and the like to open up concept art.

These were Capcom’s two big announcements. A little later, we’re going to have first impression of Remember Me and Lost Planet 3.