Pedestrian Flips Off Monkey, Immediately Gets Drop-Kicked By Said Monkey

As we have all learned from hours of internet time, monkeys do not mess around. No case for this can be stronger than the video you see here, in which a young man and his friend are strolling through a market in Shimla, India, when they happen upon a furry little fella just chillin’. Out of what I assume is teenage angst, the kid leans in to glare at the monkey and promptly flashes it THE FINGER. In reaction to this gesture, the monkey springs into flight and lays the Stone Cold Stunner on the boy, dropping him to the pavement. The hairy little wrestler then returns to his post as if nothing happened, leaving the boy dazed and his friend to pick up his belongings.

I’m not sure if the kid and monkey had some bad blood in the past, but I sure hope they can kiss and make up. Well, maybe kissing is a bad idea.

Source: YouTube