Pendleton Ward Has Pitched Some Mathematical Video Game Ideas To Double Fine

These games feature some pretty complex mechanics.  

Amnesia Fortnight is a yearly game jam held by Double Fine, the company behind everything from Psychonauts to Broken Age — basically Double Fine employees pitch game ideas, and then fans get to vote on their favorites. You have to contribute some amount of money (it can be whatever amount you want) in order to vote, but the trade-off is that contributors then get to play prototypes of the winning game ideas. It’s a solid system that’s led to the creation of games like Stacking and Costume Quest in the past.

Well, this year Amnesia Fortnight is getting a bit of a celebrity infusion, as Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, has pitched a quartet of ideas. As you might expect they’re all charming/wacky/full of butt jokes. You can check them out below…

via Kotaku

First up we Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp, which involves Cupid forcing things to fall in love. It’s a platformer because Cupid is too fat to fly (of course).

Next, we have Damnit, Jerry, which is about a fat kid climbing a human pyramid. Was Pen having some body image issues when coming up with these ideas?

No More McDonalds in which you can make a baby, and give him a gun and hat to fight zombies. Sure, why not?

Finally, we have Little Pink Best Buds, which uh, well come on, what do you need explained here?

Well, I’m voting for Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp beeeecause butts. Of course Pendleton Ward isn’t the only guy pitching ideas for this year’s Amnesia Fortnight — you can donate (all the money can go to charity if you want) and get voting right here.