Peyton And Eli Manning Save The Day, The Internet, Your Fall With Football Cops

I attempted to go into the new Manning brother viral video from DirecTV all cynical because I’m mad at the NFL and the Mannings would put their faces on the Massengill box if the price was right, but DirecTV (or whatever shop they use) has a solid track record with promotions and the creativity behind them. Plus Peyton Manning has undeniable comic presence, Eli’s natural dopiness makes him a great counterbalance, and a fall cop show starring the Manning Brothers is clearly a shot at NFL labor negotiations, which I fully endorse.

Video and random notes after the jump.

Things of Note:

– Football-to-the-Chest “FOOTBALL CAWWWWWPPPS!!!” deaths make my day.

– Both Peyton and Eli’s characters grew up in the Morristown Home for Wayward Boys.

Dennis Green should have been cast as the chief (Archie isn’t funny and hammers home the nepotism).

Newcomer Meghan Beard has a front court meant for cop drama hostage situations.

– “Sabotage” is my all-time favorite music video (below).

– “He knows what it means” is my new response to any sort of confusion.

– “Mike Tahoe” is undeniably a nod to Johnny Utah and “C.J. Hunter” is undeniably a nod to cougar hunting. I can’t be convinced otherwise.