Philadelphia’s PYT Is Just Trolling Us Now With This Bacon Mac And Cheese Donut

While Philadelphia has been traditionally known for its slabs of steak covered in goo, lately the revered, recently famous Philly burger joint PYT (also home of LeSean MyCoy tip-gate) has nearly eclipsed cheesesteaks with their heart attack and nausea-inducing burgers. Their latest culinary abomination is this “Bacon Mac & Cheese Donut,” which like a lot of the “burgers” on their menu is not even technically a burger. The Bacon Mac & Cheese Donut is exactly what it sounds like: a donut stuffed with macarnoi and cheese with a liberal yet tasteful sprinkling of crumbled bacon. Because stuffing a cheeseburger inside of a donut wasn’t quite gross enough.

You know that game you play as a kid where you mix the most disgusting concoction of ingredients you can possibly think of and then make your friend drink it? I feel like that’s exactly what PYT is doing, only in this case suckers will actually pay like $13 for it.