Piers Morgan Is Absolutely Not Here For Trump’s Claim Of ‘Deceptive’ Editing When He Reportedly Stormed Out A Combative Interview

Ah yes, the good old ex-President Trump pushback. And since Piers Morgan is also skilled in that same dubious art, their meeting of the minds was bound to get messy if anything contentious happened.

And reportedly, it truly did get combative. As detailed by the New York Post, Donald Trump grew belligerent and huffily stormed out of an interview (after bragging about his hole-in-one) when Morgan reminded him that he lost the 2020 election. This allegation of tantrum-y behavior was later possibly refuted by Team Trump later on, but from the presented clip, it sure didn’t look good.

Of course, Piers is no stranger to storming off TV sets. He famously did so while losing it over Meghan Markle a few years ago. And although Piers and Trump are old pals, that appears to no longer be the case. The actual interview in question won’t air until April 25 (you can see it on Fox Nation in the U.S.), but reportedly, Trump addressed Piers as a “fool” at least half a dozen times. He also declared, “I don’t think you’re real” when Piers pointed out that Trump’s never presented evidence of a stolen election.

After the news of the alleged blowout surfaced, Trump’s people issued a denial while claiming that Trump’s demand to turn the camera off actually took place later in the interview. And we’ll have to wait a few days to find out what actually transpired, and who is actually lying in this instance, but for now, Piers is standing by his version of events.

In response to a Twitter user asking for a comment on Trump’s claim of being “‘unlawfully and deceptively’ edited,” Piers offered a brusque rebuttal using one of Trump’s own customary labels: “Yes – his claim is fake news.”

Time to set a reminder for April 25, but surely, the Internet will fill you in regardless.