Please Enjoy Two Minutes Of Kenny Powers' Greatest Insults


Did you guys watch last night’s season finale of Eastbound & Down? Well I didn’t — so NO SPOILERS PLEEZ!

Now, it probably goes without saying that I’m kinda geeked to fire up the ole HBOgo app on my iPad later to watch it. So geeked, in fact, that I’m wearing a Kenny Powers Myrtle Beach Mermen jersey as I’m writing this to prepare for the occasion. (No, seriously, I am actually wearing a KP55 Mermen jersey and you can get one for yourself here.)

Anyway, to mark the occasion, our friends at Vulture put together a rather spectacular 2-minute video of Kenny Powers insults — and really, has any television character dished out insults better than KP? I think not.

My favs: “You look like some sort of strange Mexican Grimace” and “Look at y’all jumping around like a bunch of goddamn child molesters at Chuck-E-Cheese.”


(Via Vulture)

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