Pluto Has A Fifth Moon — Does This Mean It Can Be A Planet Again?

Pluto may no longer be a planet according to stick-in-the-mud scientists out to make my childhood space atlas obsolete, but Pluto’s downgrade doesn’t seem to be having any effect on its ability to attract moons. Sure, our moon is bigger, but we’ve only got one — Pluto’s mackin’ it up out in deep space with five.

The new moon, so far only known as P5, is only 6 to 15 miles across and joins other moons Charon, Nix, Hyrdra and P4 (which was discovered last year). Hopefully we get our first look at Pluto’s harem of moons when the First Horizons probe makes its scheduled fly by in 2015.


The things they get up to in the outer solar system…

So yeah, come on scientists, how many moons is it going to take? 5? 10? Because Pluto is down for that s–t.

via Discover