Predators Are Apparently Now Using ‘Pokemon Go’ To Attempt To Lure Little Kids Into Their Vans

08.10.16 3 years ago 5 Comments


Pokemon Go mania might be cooling off a bit after Niantic upset a large swath of their more hardcore fans, but it is still the darling game that has been popping up in the media over the past few weeks at a steady click. People are actually dying playing Pokemon Go, which really just hammers home how big of a deal this game is and how many people are actually playing it. Niantic is even working hard to roll out the updates to keep their players happy and to keep the game as popular as it is now.

But as the game’s popularity and media exposure continues to explode, that just means that more and more creeps and weirdos are going to take advantage of this. The latest case of a Poke-creep comes from Bridgewater, Massachusetts where a shirtless creep in a van approached a group of tween girls attempting to lure them into his creeper van. Yes, creeper vans still exist and creepers still drive them, that hasn’t gone anywhere just yet.

“Investigators said that at around 6 p.m. on Saturday, the man asked the girls to get into his black minivan and play the smartphone game “Pokemon Go.” They refused and ran away.”

Why anyone would think that hopping into a creeper van to play Pokemon Go is beyond me, it’s not like there are mobile PokeStops or gyms. It seems like this creep was thankfully foiled by his own misunderstanding of how Pokemon Go works.

(Via MassLive)

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