A New Poop Delivery Service Made $10,000 In Its First Month Of Business

Jesus, what is it with people wanting to get poop in the mail all of a sudden? Yesterday we reported that Cards Against Humanity sold customers $180,000 worth of horse crap (only $6,000 of net profit that went to charity) as part of a Black Friday protest promotion — which people either bought either out of the novelty of buying poop on the internet or because they thought they were getting something other than poop. (Nope, it was just poop.)

This new company aptly called Sh*t Express, however, which offers to send $16.95 worth of the finest grade horse poop worldwide to your favorite ex, boss, former classmate, colleague — or really anyone you’d want to send poop to in the mail — made a whopping $10,120 in the first 30 days of business. It’s no Cards Against Humanity money, but for a business that materialized out of nowhere whose entire business model is sending poop in the mail, it ain’t too shabby.

The company was apparently founded over the course of September through November, picking up steam after the CEO, known only as “Peter,” dropped links in Reddit and Bitcoin forums (the service is completely anonymous, using bitcoin or Paypal as payment options). Shortly after, reviews like this one from Motherboard started popping up around the internet and the service really took off. So far they’ve shipped poop worldwide to thirty-six different countries.

The package was apparently shipped from Slovenia, and the poop itself was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap with a personalized message (in this case, “I hate your guts”). So there you have it. Poop shipped in the mail, paid for by crypto-currency. What a magical world we live in.

(Sh*tExpress via BetaBeat)

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