‘Powers’ Finally Comes To TV Via A Game Console

Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming have been working on Powers off and on, and pretty much since the series launched, somebody’s been trying to turn it into a TV series. As it’s essentially Law and Order: Superheroes, it seems a natural fit, but the closest the series ever got was a pilot on FX that wasn’t picked up. But apparently Sony has no such qualms!

Sony, having spent a lot of money on Powers, apparently decided to stop goofing around and just took it straight to series. But there will be a few changes, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

The Sony-owned gaming console will recast the entire project with writer Charlie Huston stepping in for Charles Eglee. Circle of Confusion’s David Engel, David Alpert and Lawrence Mattis will oversee for the company, which also produces AMC’s comics adaptation The Walking Dead.

Yeah, somehow we think the involvement of the people behind the TV show that’s only beaten by football in the ratings really helped matters with this one. But it also probably helps that Sony wants to lure people to the PlayStation platform; Microsoft, after all, is throwing a lot of money at a Halo TV series.

The pilot, if you haven’t picked up one of the bootlegs floating around, is… OK. It’s a little too slavishly devoted to Bendis’ writing, which to be frank was a fairly conventional noir: It’s easy to see why FX decided not to run with the series, and why Sony decided to scrap the pilot in favor of essentially starting the show over.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this works: Sony as a studio is committed to making original online series, as you might know if you’re a fan of House of Cards. Apparently we can expect to see this for sale on PlayStation platforms in the next year or so.