‘Powers’ Gets A Release Date And A Poster

Sony’s Powers took a fairly interesting route to the screen, starting as a pilot for FX before being turned into a ten episode series exclusively for Sony and the PlayStation. And now, the time of seeing Sharlto Copley beat up people in their long johns is almost upon us.

If you’re hazy on the concept, here’s the trailer:

And if you want to see the rest, it’ll arrive March 10th, with the first three episodes on the PlayStation Network, and the first episode free to watch online. The rest of the episodes will debut every Tuesday through April. And, of course, there’s a poster:

It’s an interesting experiment. Microsoft has tried to make original TV a part of their Xbox platform, which hasn’t exactly shaken up the television world. But Powers might have a broader appeal since the comic sold well and, hey, it is superheroes on TV. It’s not like those aren’t having a moment right now, and besides, this will be in full swing just in time for you to also binge-watch Daredevil. And The Flash and Arrow will probably have new episodes in April. And Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. OK, so maybe save the binge-watching for the weekend.