President Obama Asked A Texas Man If He Was Gay, Leading To A Priceless Exchange

President Obama was in Austin, Texas on Thursday and stopped to have some food at the famous Franklin Barbecue. The thing he didn’t know was that the man behind the register was a comedian and part-time drag queen that happened to be gay. It gets even better. Via Business Insider:

According to the Austin Chronicle, the exchange occurred after the president asked Webb if he was gay while visiting a restaurant Thursday. When Obama went up to pay at Austin’s famous Franklin Barbecue, the Chronicle reported Webb, who was working the cash register, “threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically.”

“Equal rights for gay people!” Webb declared.

“Are you gay?” asked Obama.

“Only when I have sex,” Webb quipped.

That is a bold thing to say and do to the President of the United States of America in the middle of a Texas restaurant. How did the President react to such a hilarious one-liner?

Webb told the Chronicle the joke got Obama to laugh. He said the president told him to “bump me.” The pair subsequently exchanged a fist bump that was captured on camera. (via)

After reading this awesome exchange between two personalities, this picture means even more.

There’s more to the story that includes Obama cutting in line to get to the front, but as Webb puts it:

“Logistically, that’s a really lazy complaint. I don’t think you can safely have a world leader hanging around in a line,” explained Webb. (via)

Yeah, there was outrage over Obama cutting in line, but then the President paid the tab for everyone he bypassed in line, which is a deal even Republican leadership wouldn’t turn down.

(Via Business Insider)