Chaos Broke Out On ‘The Price Is Right’ When Three Contestants Made Wheel-Spinning History

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Next month marks the 10th anniversary of comedian Drew Carey‘s reign as the host of The Price Is Right, the popular daytime game show previously hosted by the legendary Bob Barker. To celebrate the occasion, Carey announced that any Showcase Showdown contestant who spun $1 on the Wheel would get a $10,000 bonus instead of the usual $1,000. If any of the hugely lucky spinners manage to snag a second $1, they would get an additional $25,000. Well not only did all three contestants snag $1 each in their first rounds on the Wheel, but two of them also scored second $1 spins for the additional prize money.

“What is happening?” Carey exclaimed when the third contestant to spin the Wheel scored $1 on his first turn. “Each of you just won $10,000. Congratulations! And now you get a bonus spin, you get an extra spin at the wheel. You only get one spin. If you land on the five or fifteen, you get another $10,000. If you land on the dollar, I’ll give you $25,000.” Cue two of the three contests nabbing the latter, thereby awarding a total of $80,000 to the Showcase Showdown participants. “We’ve given away $80,000 just on this wheel spin,” said Carey, who just couldn’t stop laughing with delight.

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