Prince Adam’s ‘What’s Going On?’ Returns In Glorious Live-Action

As you can tell from his tendency to run around in fetish gear, Prince Adam is an extrovert supreme. And that appears to extend to making live-action videos of himself with cosplayers.

OK, OK, this reenaction of a classic viral video is actually from Anime Fest 2014, made by Thien Vuong, aka TDragon, and his friend Trevor Lawrence, with the help of pretty much every cosplayer they could find willing to participate. But really, that doesn’t make He-Man rocking out with the Power Rangers any less funny. Stick around to see who fills in for Skeletor, who was probably too busy trying to figure out why He-Man and Adam are never in the same place.

This is far from the first time Vuong has put together a music video from an anime convention: Here’s his version of Happy, shot at Sacramento’s anime convention, for example. But it is the first time we’ve seen He-Man dancing with Pikachu:

So we’ll carry that with us.