"Prometheus" Isn't Done With the Viral Clips Yet

What, you thought that just because the movie came out, was a reasonable hit, and will probably make its money back in theaters, that Fox was done marketing it?

If you replied, “well, yeah”…we’d have agreed with you. But apparently, Fox isn’t close to done yet. In fact, they’ve got some other event planned already.

When? 10/11/12, which is apparently when the Weyland Corporation started business. It also happens to be, let’s see here, the first day of New York Comic Con, which hasn’t announced any panels.

Many people think that this is a plug for the home video release, but shooting footage of Guy Pearce prepping for a speaking engagement (presumably his viral TED talk) seems a bit much for a product plug. True, Ridley Scott is making noises about the Blu-Ray being an extended director’s cut, but, again, unless the studio was planning that well in advance, this seems a little much, especially since they’re plugging the home video release right after the movie hit theaters.

Here’s the clip: judge for yourself.

image courtesy Fox