Ridley Scott's Big Secret Project For 2016 Is A Sequel To A Prequel

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03.25.14 21 Comments

20th Century Fox recently slated a mystery Ridley Scott film for March 4th, 2016 and tonight it was revealed that the secret project is in fact the sequel to Prometheus. Scott is currently working on Exodus, but that hasn’t stopped the folks at Fox from shuffling writers around and planning a date for a second, sure to disappoint, trip into space. From The Wrap:

After working with Ridley Scott on a new Blade Runner movie, veteran scribe Michael Green has been hired to rewrite the untitled “Prometheus” sequel for 20th Century Fox, TheWrap has learned.

Jack Paglen (Transcendence) wrote the original draft of the screenplay.

Multiple sources have told TheWrap that the “Untitled Ridley Scott Project” that 20th Century Fox announced it will release in March 2016 is Prometheus 2, although the film may not ultimately use that title. An insider told TheWrap that production is scheduled to start this fall, after Scott has delivered his Moses movie Exodus to Fox.

Things that make me uneasy in this quote are the words “new Blade Runner” and the idea that anyone would believe that Prometheus 2 is going to be the title of the next movie. Also if you read on into the article, you’ll find that folks are still trying to say that Prometheus was a prequel to Alien.

I think that’s the portion that bothers me the most about Prometheus and made it a let down as a film. There were certainly a lot of holes and confusing bits throughout, but it was still a lovely movie. The lack of a concrete Alien connection, utilizing nothing by weak allusions and hints instead, really enhanced all the smaller problems throughout the movie and killed it for folks like me.

There’s no Damon Lindelof to beat up on this time though, which could be good and bad. Good because if he truly was the problem from the last movie, he needs to be gone. Bad because it means that it might not be his fault and we’d all have to eat crow.

(Via The Wrap / SlashFilm)

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