Prometheus Trailer Leaks Early, Michael Fassbender Has A Flashlight

I said flashlight. This isn’t a Kevin Smith movie.

Ridley Scott has returned to sci-fi after a nearly thirty year absence (don’t do that to us, man) to direct Alien prequel Prometheus [synopsis, teasers, and more photos here], which is going to have an official first trailer out tomorrow. There’s another teaser below, and we have a bootleg of the full trailer today as well, because we are stone cold bootlegging bastards. We’d download a car if we could.

The new issue of Empire Magazine (source of the photo above) has an interview with Ridley Scott and some more details and speculation about the project, which I’ll let ThePlaylist summarize since they have a copy of the magazine and I don’t (but I’d totally download it if I could).

Empire have just debuted a new image from the film, from their brand new 2012 issue, which gives the best glimpse so far at Michael Fassbender’s bleach-blonde character, who as the magazine say in their piece on the film, “may or may not be an early model of Ash’s android [Ian Holm in the original], and may or may not be trustworthy.” […] But there are some revelations about some of the other characters, with Scott hinting that Charlize Theron’s character works for the Weyland-Yutani corporation from the original, while commenting on the central couple played by Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Smith that “One comes from a position of faith, and the other is a pure scientist.” [ThePlaylist]

As for the bootleg trailer (below), it’s good even for a bootleg, although I’d rather there were less giant text across the screen. I want to see cool sci-fi stuff, you guys. If I wanted to read, I’d be a guy who can think of better analogies because he’s well read.




[Videos via QuietEarth and FirstShowing, pictures via Empire and ScenicReflections]