Psychonauts 2 Will Cost 13 Million. Notch Can Do That

So, for the past week or so we’ve been following this story about the creator of Minecraft, Notch, wanting to fund a sequel to Tim Schafer’s underrated adventure-platformer Pyschonauts. A quick recap…

Tim Schafer — “I’m too cool to make sequels and stuff, buuuut if someone actually gave me some money to make a non-Sesame Street game, I’d totally consider doing Psychonauts 2.”

Notch — “So uh, I have money. Have some money.”

Tim Schafer — “Haha, good one! Wait, you’re serious? Hey man, let’s talk.”

Well, sounds like those talks have been going pretty well. According to Schafer Double Fine would need at least 13-million dollars to do a proper Pyschonauts sequel (13-million was the budget of the first one). Usually asking somebody for 13-million dollars ends a conversation quickly, but according to Schafer, Notch’s response was “yeah, I can do that”.

Now here’s a big question — if Notch ponies up the money, will he ever see any of his 13 mill again? The first Psychonauts only sold around 400 thousand units at retail, although it’s sold many more copies digitally via Steam and Good Old Games since then. It seems as though Notch largely just wants to see a sequel to one of his favorite games, but I’m also sure he’d very much appreciate if he could make some sort of profit from it.

Finally, hit the jump to check out a fun fan-made Inception/Psychonauts mash-up that Schafer and company actually used to try and sell Psychonauts 2 to publishers…

That not only made me want another Psychonauts, but made me realize that nobody ever did an Inception game. How did nobody think to do an Inception game?

via PCGamer