'Psychonauts' Being Re-Released As a PS2 Classic

08.24.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Get ready to buy Psychonauts again: It’s coming to the PS3 this Tuesday.

Psychonauts, if you happen to have been living underneath a rock, was the first game from Double Fine. It won awards, it was critically beloved, and audiences heralded the return of Tim Schafer as the game became a financial juggernaut.

In an alternate universe, that is. In ours, while critics loved it and it cleaned up awards-wise, it was such a financial flop that it killed Majesco as a console games developer and nearly put a bullet in Double Fine.

Obviously, Double Fine has gotten better, and this is just the capper to a very bizarre history of a game the fans just would not let die.

To give you an idea of just how bizarre, the PS2 Classics port marks the sixth re-release of the game. It’s been on Steam, ported to Xbox 360, there was a Mac version released, and it’s even been ported to Linux. It was even part of one of the Humble Indie Bundles, where inclusion of the game drove sales of the bundle much higher than anybody expected.

And, as Sony notes, fans have been begging for a re-release pretty much since the PS3 came out.

So, in short, Double Fine’s baby turns out to have done well. Now, Tim… how about Android and iOS?

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