‘Public Wanking’ Is The Latest Unfortunate Video Meme

Until today, I had never heard of the Janoskians, says the old 25-year-old man. But 25 is too old to be amused by the apparently well-known “YouTube comedy group, pranksters, singers, entertainers, and stunt performers,” who hail from Melbourne, Australia, and after watching their new viral video, “Public Wanking,” I’m fine feeling ancient.

It’s simple, really: one of the Janoskians (which stands for “Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation”) runs up to an unsuspecting stranger in Denmark, and with a white towel in hand, begins to pantomime jacking off. Doesn’t matter if said stranger is a young woman, old man, or baby — IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE THEY’RE MASTURBATING.

Pity the poor teen who Googles “public wanking” and ends up finding a different Australian. No towels there.