Putin’s Pickle-Filled Luxury Hideout Has Reportedly Been Revealed Amid An Ex-Commander Forecasting Russian ‘Defeat’

Following the first year of his Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin became the subject of reports that he was hiding in a bunker out of fear for his life. The new habit grew so apparent that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for proof of life, after which Putin has made consistent public appearances. Odd how that works, and as well, reports indicted that Putin had laid out a secret path of train tunnels that were built just prior to his Ukraine invasion, so he set himself up to move quickly between palaces without detection.

However, a pro-Nalvany group (so named for Alexei Nalvany, the opposition leader seemingly jailed until death by Putin) has now revealed footage (on their YouTube channel) of a compound that they’re referring to as the Russian president’s “secret winter residence.” As noted by the Daily Beast, this massive Sochi-based compound includes “its own missile defense system” and a luxurious set of “VIP cabins.” As well, the main house contains not only a spa and sauna but “a pantry for pickles.” This is strange, of course, not only because Putin is apparently stockpiling pickles but because cucumbers are not the veggie that he’s reportedly been so worried about.

You can the video discussion of Putin’s reported compound here, and additionally, Newsweek has passed on (unrelated) word from ex-Russian commander Igor Girkin, who identifies as a Russian nationalist but sees the writing on the wall: “I am not afraid to say that we are moving toward military defeat.”

You can see Girkin making these comments in a Twitter video from Ukraine Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

Putin had better keep hoarding those pickles because, if Girkin’s words come true anytime soon, the Russian president might not be the president for much longer.

(Via The Daily Beast & Newsweek)