Python Escapes Pet Store, Kills Sleeping Children In Nearby Home

08.06.13 7 Comments

giant python

Look, we have made playful fun of the fact that we are terrified of snakes around here, but this story is a tragedy with a side of nightmare fuel.

The gist: two Canadian brothers, ages 5 and 7 were sleeping over at the home of a friend who lives in an apartment above an exotic pet store owned by his family. Well, during the night a giant python escaped from its cage in the store, slithered up a wall and entered the apartment above through a vent, where it then killed the two brothers as they slept.

The store owner, Jean-Claude Savoie, told the Global News television station that he didn’t hear a sound during the incident and discovered the “horrific scene” when he went into his living room, where the two boys had been sleeping, on Monday morning.

Savoie said he saw the snake, pinned it down and put it in a cage.

He said the boys are the children of his best friend and were often at his apartment to visit his son.

Rogers-Marsh said the snake escaped from its enclosure sometime during the night and was believed to have made its way into the apartment through the ventilation system.

Nightmare fuel. Pure nightmare fuel.

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