A QAnon Cultist Claims To Be Relaunching ‘George,’ JFK Jr.’s Long-Defunct Political Magazine

QAnon followers’ obsession with John F. Kennedy Jr. is a peculiar thing—and only partially because he’s dead. What makes it even more curious is that Kennedy comes from a decidedly Democratic dynasty, so would likely share no common political ground—or any ground, really—with these cultists. But that hasn’t stopped one of them from deciding to resurrect George, the glossy politics-meets-lifestyle magazine JFK Jr. co-founded and edited.

As The Daily Beast reports, Gene Ho—who worked as a photographer for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign—posted a video in which he announced himself as the new editor of George, which he claims to be bringing back.

According to Ho: “George is coming back! Yes, we’ll talk politics, we’re going to talk religion, we’re even going to talk business. We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Religion? Dear God…

Right now, the magazine only seems to exist online and have a mock-up of the first cover, which features Donald Trump as George Washington carrying a lantern that sort of looks like a plastic bag with a goldfish. We’re sure they’ll work out the design kinks. Editorially, the cover promises interviews with notable QAnon believers like the tomahawk-toting “Patriot Streetfighter” Scott McKay.

As for whether Ho is serious, all indications—especially in Times Square—point to “Most definitely.”

Whether Ho has the legal right to re-launch George is another matter entirely. As The Daily Beast reports:

It’s not clear whether Ho, who didn’t respond to a request for comment, has any legal right to use the George name or logo. Last September, a Florida company called Retrobrands USA applied for what appears to be the only existing magazine-related “George” trademark, according to a search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company, which also didn’t respond to a request for comment, describes its mission on its website as reviving “abandoned consumer iconic brands.”

Whatever remains of the original George’s assets appears to rest with the Hearst media conglomerate, which purchased George’s parent company in 2011, 10 years after the magazine ceased publication. Hearst didn’t respond to an email about whether it has any interest in the brand.

As for whether or when JFK Jr. will show up to give Ho his blessing? Perhaps all will be revealed when the magazine officially makes its triumphant return.

(Via The Daily Beast)