QAnon Cultists Have Flocked To Dallas Because They Believe JFK Jr. Will Make An Appearance At The Grassy Knoll On Tuesday

If ever there was a story that could simply begin and end with its headline, this is it. In what sounds like what would have been an amazing cover story for The Weekly World News back in the day, Raw Story is reporting that QAnon followers began gathering at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in Dallas on Monday night… to await the reemergence of John F. Kennedy, Jr. Yes, the same John F. Kennedy, Jr. the world watched salute his father’s coffin in 1963. And the same man who tragically died in a plane crash in 1999.

Yet, despite the fact that he was a lifelong Democrat hailing from a staunchly Democratic family, JFK Jr. seems to have become an icon for the batshit conspiracy theorists of the world (earlier this year, they flocked a man they for some reason believed to be JFK Jr. at Trump rallies… the man was not JFK Jr.). And they have somehow come to believe that his death was all a big ruse and that the son of the 35th president has been quietly working behind the scenes for the past 20-plus years to take down the “deep state.”

On Monday evening, journalist Steven Monacelli took to Twitter to post images of the scene and reported that “A popular QAnon theory recently is that JFK Jr. of the Kennedy family will be making a big announcement at Dealey Plaza by the grassy knoll sometime tomorrow.”

Based on some of the T-shirts seen in the crowd, it seems that at least a few of them believe that JFK Jr.’s announcement might not only be “Hey, I’m alive,” but also, “I’ll be running alongside Trump in the 2024 election.” (Has anyone told Mike Pence?)

Even more bafflingly, according to Newsweek, is that some of these people believe that JFK Jr. will reemerge to simply declare Donald Trump president. And that his mother and father may be there with him? Which… well, we’re not exactly sure how that works. Or what would give him the power to declare Trump president. Or why I’m trying to work logic into the equation at all.

It’s not the first time QAnon message boards have predicted JFK Jr.’s resurrection. In 2019, they also made a lot of noise about the former George publisher coming forward on July 4th to announce that he had been hiding out in Pennsylvania for two decades, as Rolling Stone reported at the time. No word on why that didn’t happen, though Fourth of July traffic is notoriously brutal.

For now, we’ll just wait and watch.

(Via Raw Story)